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How My Nephews Raped Two Of My Daughters’

How My Nephews Raped Two Of My Daughters’

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A woman identified as Rachel yesterday told detectives how her nephews allegedly repeatedly raped her underage daughters.

Rachel said she and her 13 and eight-year-old daughters sought refuge at her elder sister’s two-bedroomed apartment at Bariga, after their home was overtaken by a flood.

But, according to her, her nephews took advantage of them.

The suspects, Saviour Philip, 35, and Paul Philip, 17, were brought to the Gender Office of the police at Ikeja, from Bariga Division and charged to court yesterday.

Rachel said: “I was compelled to move into my elder sister’s house because my one-room apartment was taken over by flood. I used to live at the Sawmill area of Bariga.“My sister’s sons started raping my daughters three weeks ago. They took turns to rape them and threatened to kill them if they told anyone about it.

“But I knew about it when my eldest daughter was rude to my sister’s sons. When I asked why she said: ‘Why won’t I be rude to uncle after he had repeated sex with me? How can I stop crying?’

“I saw what I can only describe as a shadow come across my child’s face. It was devastating to witness her distress.”

According to Rachel, the eight-year-old victim was her twin sister’s daughter. She said her twin confronted the boys when she learnt of the abominable act but was beaten up.

She said: “When my twin sister got to the shop, Paul’s mother and two of her relatives pounced on her, inflicting injury on her. My 13-year-old daughter was taken to Mirabel Centre for treatment where it was established that there was penetration.“But I got the shock of life there when my eight year old niece opened up that Saviour also ‘fingered’ her.”

One of the victims said the 35-year-old suspect usually had anal penetration and the younger one “entered through the front.

“They threatened to kill me if I told anyone about it. Saviour brought out some charms and said he would use them on me,” the minor said.

According to the older victim, Paul was the first to defile her, adding that she was arranging clothes in the room when he grabbed her from behind and put her back on the floor.

She said: “Paul started it. One day while arranging my siblings’ clothes, after my mother had gone to the shop, he came from behind, lifted me and landed me on the floor. He covered my mouth when I wanted to shout. When he was done he threatened that if I told my mother or anyone, he would kill me.

When he finished with me, he would use his fingers on my younger sister. He usually did it in the afternoon when most tenants were away.“Saviour penetrated through my anus. He also told me not to tell anyone and that if I told my mother, he would drive us out of the house.

“I refused to tell anyone because I was scared of death. One day, when I could not bear the pains from my private part, I told Paul I would tell my mother. He said my mother would not do anything even if I told her.

“Two Sunday ago, my mother overheard me insulting Paul. She picked up a stick and hit me with it and at the same time reminded me that Paul was not just a relative but my senior.

“I didn’t know where the boldness came from but I said ‘mummy you want to know why I am insulting him? It is because he has raped me several times.’ At that point my mother descended on Paul and demanded to know the truth.”

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