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I stayed behind at work to ask for my boss for a pay rise — but somehow ended up having sex with her

I stayed behind at work to ask for my boss for a pay rise — but somehow ended up having sex with her

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DEAR DEIDRE: I STAYED behind at work to ask my boss for a pay rise and somehow we ended up having wild sex in her office.

 I work for a multinational company and this woman has been my boss for three years. I am a guy of 22 and she is 31.

 When I approached my boss for a pay rise, we ended up having incredible office sex, I learned the job from the bottom up and know that I do my work well.

Lately, I have taken on more responsibility so my dad said it was time to ask for more money. One afternoon last month, I waited until everyone else had gone home before approaching my boss.

She suggested going to her office to talk about it.

I explained that I felt I deserved a pay rise. She said she did not want me to leave the firm and agreed to put me up a grade, with more money.

Since sleeping with my boss, I cannot get her out of my head because my girlfriend finds sex a chore

Then she walked round to the back of my chair and put her hands on my shoulders. She bent down and kissed my head.

I turned round and suddenly we were all over each other, kissing and touching. We had sex on the floor of her office and it was just amazing. Afterwards she laughed and said: “We’d best keep that to ourselves.”

 I have a girlfriend aged 20. We have been together for 18 months but sex seems like a chore to her and is nothing like how it was with my boss.

My boss is married with a son but I cannot get her out of my head. She only speaks to me about work now and I do not know what she thinks of me.

I'm partly ashamed of what I did but that doesn't stop me from wanting to do it again

Half of me feels ashamed of what we did but the other half wants to do it again.

Our company always lays on a big do for the staff at Christmas and it is always at a posh hotel.

I have been thinking of booking a room and trying to get my boss to stay the night with me.

DEIDRE SAYS: Your boss knows that taking this further with you could put her job and your prospects in the company at risk. It would also damage her marriage.

She is right to put things back on to a business-like basis, so keep them that way.

Do not book a room at the hotel. Instead, pay for an early taxi home and stay away from the booze.

Accept what happened as a one-off and a mistake and let it go.

Sex may seem like a chore to your girlfriend but cheating is not the answer. You now know how good sex can be, so use your experience with your boss to put some new life into sex with your girlfriend.

She will be more enthusiastic if she can get more pleasure out of sex with you.

My e-leaflet How To Thrill A Woman In Bed will show you ways to help her enjoy it more – and make you feel like a great lover.
 Source: the Sun

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