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Worst Sex Experience: His mum found us while I was riding him shamelessly moaning, I wanted to vanish!

Worst Sex Experience: His mum found us while I was riding him shamelessly moaning, I wanted to vanish!

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It is hardly something you can forget if it has happened to you, why not share it with the rest of us, so we can laugh and learn.

I applied a little more lipstick and did a full 360 spin so my roommate would assess my outfit, I settled on a simple pleated gown, but I had nothing underneath,it made me feel mischievous.

I checked the time waiting for my dick appointment to come pick me up. After about 10 minutes I got a text to come outside, I practically raced outside letting my pussy do the thinking. He is tall and handsome as usual making me tingle down south.

I got into the car and he drove off, he told me about his day while I thought about all the fucking we'll be doing, I wanted him to stop talking so I could start teasing him, he kept talking till we got to his place, he drove through the gate and lead me through the front door.

It was not till I saw all the family pictures that I realized he still lived with his parents; No biggie if I wasn't in school I would also be in my parents house, we walked past the living room to his room, it seemed no one was home.

The point is the dick, remove all distractions, who cares if he stays with his pastor?

while I cry in peace, here is what happened.

He closed the door behind him and I looked around; thank goodness it wasn't decorated like a boy's room, he had a sizeable bed and a reading table with his books arranged on it, he opened his movie folder and asked me which I would like to watch, I guess this is the part where we pretend to watch the movie before we end up naked.

Can this boy stop wasting time for the love of God, watch movie bawo?

I skimmed through not recognizing the movies, I finally recognized one which was about a man and his wife who had a sorority move next to them, the movie started with me pretending to watch, like 15 minutes in I casually hiked my dress up my thighs and I leaned my head closer to his face on his shoulder, we kept watching and I started to slowly rub his thigh since I didn't have a neon sign that said let's fuck.

I decided to try a new approach I looked up at him and told him he had such beautiful lips and I thought about kissing him when we met for drinks being as coy as possible, he smiled and leaned in to kiss me.

Finally, I deepened the kiss and put my hands around his neck, he put the laptop besides him and pushed myself into him pressing my breasts into him, we kissed for a while before he finally reached for my boobs I gently pushed my boobs into his palms gently, I pulled him closer into me and laid down on the bed with him.

He squeezed gently and I thought about asking him to press harder but I didn't want to break the kiss, I took his hand and lead it down to my thigh,I lifted my dress and lead his hand up underneath it to my waiting pussy.

He gasped into my mouth when he felt I had no panties on making me smile, he rubbed around my pussy lips before he pushed two fingers in his nails grazing my pussy making me go 'ouch' really loudly and breaking the kiss, he said sorry looking concerned but I kissed him and started to unbuckle his belt, I unzipped his trouser and he quickly got out of it pulling off his boxers.

I got out of my dress and laid naked on his bed while he looked like he would get a heart attack while staring at my boobs, he joined me on the bed, I parted my legs and with him on top of me, he guided his dick into my pussy, he covered my boobs with his mouth and sucked, at this point, I’m beginning to settle into the sex, the enjoyment was at say 15 per cent.

I started to buck against him and he started to move, his strokes were fast but had no rhythm at all, he slammed into and out of me roughly grunting as he did, I decided to take charge so I told him to flip, we awkwardly flipped and I was finally on top, I placed my hands on his chest and started to move, I closed my eyes loving the feel of his dick rubbing against my pussy walls.

I grinded and practically twerked on his dick ignoring his really loud moans and groans, I bounced on his dick faster as I felt myself build up, I pinched and pulled my nipples pushing myself to the edge.

“Oh my God junior, what is this” I heard a woman's voice at the door.

He practically pushed me off his dick and reached for his clothes, I recognized her from the pictures it was his mother, she left and we quickly got dressed, when we were dressed she walked back in.

She sat on the bed and started to quiz me, what was my name, who were my parents and what they did for a living. That was the end of the sex, I didn’t enjoy it, and his mum found me naked riding her son. Please shift, let me faint there.

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