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OPPO Find X lite, a “cheap” version of the Find X may soon be released

OPPO Find X lite, a “cheap” version of the Find X may soon be released

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A new OPPO device has been certified
in the Chinese market, most likely this will be the "cheap" version of the OPPO Find X that was released last month.
A new smartphone from the OPPOmanufacturer has recently been certified by TENAA in the Chinese market, code-named PAHM00 or OPPO Find X Lite, and from what we can see, this could be a “cheap” of the high-end OPPO Find X that was introduced last month.

Untitled document Specifically, the image attached to the credentials indicates that the device will have a screen on the front that is bent to the side similar to the OPPO Find X or Samsung Galaxy S devices. However, the certificate does not reveal details on the back of the machine, so we can only know it will be a smartphone with a curved screen using AMOLED platform.

Certification for a new OPPO device is said to be the cheap version of the Find X

Untitled document The certificate does not mention the hardware configuration parameters of the device. However, this device has the same TD-LTE data network connectivity as the high-end Find X.

The smartphone, codenamed PAHM00, also appeared on the Geekbench performance page earlier this month. Accordingly, the smartphone may be equipped with Snapdragon 835 chip with 8GB of RAM. With the use of the chip last year, it is likely that the price of this device will also be cheaper than the OPPO Find X using the latest Snapdragon 845 chip.

Untitled document However, above is just a guess, we still can not be sure whether this mysterious OPPO is equipped with a real Snapdragon 835 chip, or whether it is equipped with modular ” “Like the Find X super, but we can be sure the machine will have a curved AMOLED screen on both sides.

OPPO will probably introduce this product with a brand new name by eliminating some of the advanced features that Vivo has done with its NEX A.

OPPO is likely to launch a cheap version of the Find X with some of its features cut

Untitled document For the OPPO Find X, this smartphone has recently broken the record of many previous smartphones with more than 10,000 orders after only 47 seconds of open sales, generating revenue of up to 100 million yuan, equivalent to nearly 15 million dollars; a number that any manufacturer would like to reach.

Untitled document OPPO Find X is currently priced at 4999 yuan, equivalent to $747.48 for the standard version, while the Lamborghini limited edition costs 1699 EUR in the European market. With its built-in camera module solution, OPPO Find X may not be the best phone, but this is the best phone this year.

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