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Be careful of a terror partner in relationships (most read)

Be careful of a terror partner in relationships (most read)

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A terror partner is one of the couple who doesn't allow the temperamental or emotional state of the other partner to be at rest. A terror partner takes the happiness of the other away. 

Untitled document Any moment a man feels unhappy going home because his wife is a pathological nagging woman who is always unsatisfied with the husband's effort, she is a terror partner who terrorizes the husband emotionally and psychologically without knowing it.

Untitled document Most women have killed their husbands through nagging. She uses her mouth to torment her husband rather than going to a negative doctor.  In igbo, such a woman is called 'Oji Onu egbu'. 

She doesn't give the husband a breathing space until she nags him  to death and she becomes a widow and starts enjoying attentions from other men whom her poor or wretched husband was stopping her from getting.

Also, that moment when your husband steps in and the blood of the woman begins to boil, the man is a terror husband who terrorizes the wife emotionally and psychologically. 

Untitled document Most men have turned their wives into punching bags, house helps, domestic puppets simply because they are in charge of  the women financial expenditure. 

There are men who verbally abuse their wives such that their wives suffer from emotional and psychological depression which easily leads to high blood pressure.

most times, we don't know how deep the people we love affect us mentally, emotionally and psychologically.  

Most men and women have been traumatically wounded such that they go offline in thinking.

Untitled document The home is where happiness should be found, where emotional and psychological wounds from offices or business place of the man or woman are healed rather than escalated.

Couples are here by advised to apply maturity not to escalate the wounds in the other already. 

Wife or husband should watch out when his or her partner is trying to terrorize him or her and be fast to guide their hearts. 

Untitled document Some partners become emotional terrorist once the other partner is unable to meet up certain responsibilities or demands.

Help extend the life of your partner today; stop emotional and psychological terrorism because they slowly kill more than you think, unless you never loved your partner but the things around him or her which you want to enjoy more and see him or her as a stumbling block. 

Life is very short;let someone remember you and have peace of mind rather than war of mind. Don't be a terrorist.
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