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The major cause of breakup to any relationship is cheating

The major cause of breakup to any relationship is cheating

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Many people consider it a betrayal and may often lead to break up or perhaps may strengthen the bond based on how much they love one another. 

Untitled document You may cheat because you feel like something is missing and that you find it from someone else. If you are happy in the relationship you why then does someone still have an affair?

The main reason for this is TRUST.
No one likes to be lied to or cheated on. If you feel like your own partner is having an affair, maybe now is the time to double check the current situation and have an investigation for you to be sure. 

Untitled document You may start from the obvious signs that he / she may show like sudden change in behaviour, the way they dress, work patterns, lack of sexual interest in you and so on. The worst case scenario that one can do is to spy the partner. 

If a cheating wife is involved, it may cause lots of emotional trauma and harm to the family itself. Listed 

below are some vital signs that may help you to see if your own spouse is having an affair with someone.

Untitled document 1.) A major and spontaneous change in
attitude and appearance. There will be a sudden interest with regards to her appearance. She will visit the salon and
buy more clothes be more interested on
appearance and the way she dresses even
though these things are not important before.

2.) The level of intimacy to you will be
reduced She may be distancing herself from you both mentally and emotionally, and you will notice this if you try to be intimate with her.

3.) Many secrets will be apparent.
Being withdrawn and not sharing the things what happens in the work or her everyday life. She will avoid you because she feels guilty about her actions.

Untitled document 4.) When there’s less fighting and arguing.
Before she would get mad angry if you do not want to take her and her pals. But of late, it is as if all is ok with her on all you do.

Untitled document 5.) He is always late.
He never came home late before but now this happens more often. The explanation is that he had to stay more at the office because he has a lot of work to do. This is a reason to doubt. Cheating men most times appear and behave guilty. 

They attempt to avoid meaningful talks.
Untitled document

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